Our company, the CVEM- FMGP Kft. has been established in 1995. In the earlier times we produced tailor made machines and process equipment; by continuing this activity, we have got appropriate praxis on the field of the preparation, elaboration, processing, forming, welding and finishing of stainless steels.

We are producing equipment, tanks and special units for the surface preparation, chemical industry, food industry and for the environmental protection industry, mostly of stainless steel.

The units produced by us are the determining parts of the cleaning- and surface preparation units and of the painting units of the factories of DRR Holding (Stuttgart, Monschau, Filderstadt), which equipment are produced by he above mentioned firms. On that way our products are to be found in the workshops of the great German car manufacturing factories (Audi, Volkswagen, Opel), and in several smaller German und also in Hungarian factories.